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Developing Writing in STEM Disciplines

Lead Institution: University of Bath
Collaborating with: University of Limerick, University College London, Coventry University, University of the West of England, Oxford Brookes University, Plymouth University, University of Exeter

Project Conference - September 2011

On the 12th September 2011, 45 people attended our regional Conference, coming from as far away as the Republic of Ireland,  London and Coventry. The delegates were a rare mix of subject specialists, learning developers, writing developers, Careers Advisors, librarians and English Language Centre staff. Eight presenters led twelve sessions, spearheading strong writing and communication practice in STEM disciplines.
Following the Conference, the project team looked into:

1. Setting up a Special Interest Group on STEM Writing
2. Publishing a special Conference-themed edition in a peer-reviewed journal.

Most of the presentations and their accompanying audio commentary are on the Conference Presentations page.

Conference introductory screen

Conference introductory screen

Trevor Day's conference overview paper

Conference abstracts and speakers' biographies

Staff involved

Dr Trevor Day
Project lead, University of Bath

Dr Íde O'Sullivan
University of Limerick

Dr Karen Bultitude
University College London

Dr Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams
Coventry University

Dr Margarida Sardo
University of the West of England

Dr Mary Deane
Oxford Brookes University

John Hilsdon
Plymouth University

Lawrence Cleary
University of Limerick

Rachel Canter
University of Exeter